The Data Hazards project is always welcoming new contributors! This page gives you an overview of how you can get involved. You can see all of our wonderful existing contributors in our Record of contributions.

We strongly welcome first-time GitHub users and are very happy to provide support if you would like to learn how to edit the repository. Please just get in touch by email if that is the case.

All our content is created and shared under a CC-BY 4.0 license, and so if you do contribute to the repository your work will also be shared under this license.

1. Decide how you would like to contribute#

We would absolutely love your input on the following:

  1. General feedback on our Data Hazard Labels, which you can send to us through email or as a GitHub Issue.

  2. Suggestions for new Data Hazard labels, or changes to them. For example you might suggest:

    • Ways of rewording Data Hazard label descriptions or titles.

    • New examples of Data Hazards.

    • New/updated “Safety Precautions” (ways of combatting Data Hazards).

    • Ideas for new Data Hazards.

  3. Contribute to any of our materials or share ideas for new materials to help others use the Hazards. This could include:

    • Fixing a typo or a broken link.

    • Sharing a link to materials you have made.

    • Adding a written example of how you used the Hazards to our growing list.

    • Making additions or changes to the existing materials on the site.

  4. Use the Data Hazards materials to reflect on your own work and contribute this as an example to help other people use them.

  5. Find GitHub issue that you know how to solve, and help us with that!

2. Read our Code of Conduct and Style Guide#

These documents are linked above and in the side bar. They are both short, but we ask that you have read them to ensure that we can make sure this community is a welcoming place, and that the content we create is consistent and easy to understand.

3. Make your contribution#

The How to contribute guide gives you an overview of how you should approach different contribution types.

4. Get credit#

The Data Hazards team are very keen to recognise all contributions people make to this project. Check out our Credit for contributions page to see how to make sure you get acknowledged on the website.