Resources and Setting Up#

Facilitator to do list#

  • [ ] Identify your project owners​.

  • [ ] Identify who to invite to be an audience member​.

  • [ ] Identify another one or two faciliatators to help you run the session, depending on how many people you plan to have.

  • [ ] Advertise or invite these people.

  • [ ] Prepare slides for the beginning that can be used to explain the Hazards if you would like, and possibly also slides to have up as prompts whilst people work on the discussion portion (see below for some examples)

  • [ ] Brief your project owners for the event, and give them guidance on what to say.

Example Workshop Slides#

Below are the workshop slides that we made to be delivered to participants, and you can also download the slides. You are free to download and adapt them, but please remember to credit this repository.