The Data Hazards were originally designed around a workshop format. This was to allow a series of Project Owners to present a research project to Audience Members, who would give them feedback on the ethics of their project. This could be in any context, like a team meeting, a seminar or a scoping exercise.

You can download a printable set of Data Hazards cards here.

The idea of this was to allow people who were outsiders to the project to give the project owners a new perspective on what the concerns might be. This would be guided by a discussion of the Data Hazards, facilitated by a dediated facilitator to make sure that the conversation goes smoothly, and adheres to the Code of Conduct.

The image below is a prompt which gives an idea of the kinds of prompts the facilitators might make, and that the Data Hazards are designed to encourage.

An image of a mind map with yellow bubbles that have prompts for considering worst case scenarios. For example, what's the worst case scenario if the technology works only for some people?