Data Hazards Student Overview#

This page contains some handy links about the Data Hazards project that might be useful to you throughout the session.

Data Hazard label names#

Here is a short list of all the names of the Hazards to use as a reference. You can get the full detail of all the Data Hazards with their additional info and safety precautions from this link, or by clicking on the link in the menu bar.

  • Data hazard

  • Reinforces exising biases

  • Ranks or classifies people

  • High environmental cost

  • Lacks community involvement

  • Danger of misuse

  • Difficult to understand

  • May cause direct harm

  • Privacy

  • Automates decision making

  • Lacks informed consent


You can find the slides we were presenting here (and below) in case you would like access to them later.