Hazard: Danger Of Misuse#

A red diamond shaped outline (like a warning sign) with a hammer raised above a screw in the middle.


There is a danger of misusing the algorithm, technology, or data collected as part of this work.


Example 1: Using statistical methods to do impossible tasks, like predicting future human behaviour.

Example 2: The collection of a large data set about identifiable individuals, which could be hacked, or used for purposes other than what it was collected for.

Example 3: Misinterpreting statistical methods or failing to appreciate their limitations, for example assuming that psychometrics will accurately or definitively predict future human behaviour.

Safety Precautions#

  • Write clear instructions about in what circumstances the algorithm/technology will work or give valid answers and present these wherever the work is presented.

  • If work is piloted outside of its original context, it must be re-tested.

  • Follow data governance guidelines.