Style guide#

This is a brief style guide of some ways that we keep content on the repository consistent. If you are making changes or additions then please follow these guidelines.

Writing text#

This website uses Myst markdown. Myst is slightly different to Github-flavoured markdown, and a cheatsheet for Myst is available here

Page titles should be sentence case. This means the first word has a captial, and subsequent words are all lower-case. The one exception to this is the page titles of the Data Hazards themselves, where every word starts with an upper-case letter.

When writing text generally, every new sentence should appear on a new line. This makes it easier to see what has been changed between versions.

Data Hazards format#

Capitalisation of the Data Hazards labels should be as you see in this sentence (i.e. capital D, captial H, lower-case l for labels). They may also be called ‘the Hazards’ for short, but we prefer the full term to avoid confusion.

All new Data Hazard labels should use the following structure:

># Hazard: Name of the hazard
>```{image} ../../images/hazards/hazard-image-name.png
>:alt: A red diamond shaped outline (like a warning sign) with .....
>:width: 250px
>## Description
>A description should go here.
>## Examples
>- Example 1
>- Example 2
>## Safety Precautions
>- Pre-caution 1 
>- Pre-caution 2