Record of contributions#

The Data Hazards project exists because of the support and contributions of the many different people below. Please also note that people have also anonymously contributed ideas and resources to the project that Nina and Natalie have added on their behalf.


πŸ“† 🎨 πŸ€” πŸ“‹ 🚧 πŸš‡ πŸ“–

Conor Houghton



πŸ“† πŸ€” πŸ“‹ 🚧 ️️️️♿️ πŸ“– 🎨 πŸ›

Valerio Maggio



πŸ“‹ πŸ€”

Kate Robson-Brown


Patricia Holley


Lily Rice




James Thomas


Jakub Dakowski




Holly Fraser

πŸ““ πŸ’‘

Gareth Jones


ZoΓ« Turner


This page is a place where anyone who has contributed to the project can be recognised for the time, effort and expertise they have given to Data Hazards.

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Nina Di Cara#

Along with Natalie I worked on the original idea for the Data Hazards, created resources around them (like teaching materials, slides, reflective prompts, illustrations), planned and delivered our workshops, and the website content. Jointly Natalie and I provide leadership for the project in terms of its next steps and uses. I care a lot about reducing the harm that technology can do to people who may not have power to fight back against, and hope this projects goes some way to making us all think more carefully about what we can all do as individuals to prevent harm. I am also thrilled to have been able to work with (and continue to work with) all the fantastic people who have got involved with this project!

Natalie Zelenka#

As a co-lead of the Data Hazards project, I developed the idea for Data Hazards with Nina, wrote lesson materials and proposals and drafted papers, designed images, found funding, and did lots of planning. Me and Nina shared these leadership and organisational tasks 50-50, but we are so grateful for everyone’s contributions and support so far. I hope that - like some of the work that I’m most inspired by - these materials reduce barriers for researchers. In this case, I hope Data Hazards makes it easier for data scientists to consider the ethical implications of their work and to make those decisions together with the communities who are affected by the work they are doing.

Ismael Kherrouvi Garcia#

In September 2021, I was delighted to facilitate a workshop alongside @NatalieZelenka and @ninadicara to test the Data Hazard labels with researchers from diverse backgrounds. This meant working with Natalie and Nina to familiarise myself with the prompts they had prepared, and then keeping the conversation flowing during breakout rooms with workshop participants. I had previously gathered feedback from The Alan Turing Institute’s Ethics Advisory Group (EAG) for the Data Hazard labels. My time with the Turing’s EAG allowed me to appreciate the value of the Data Hazard labels, both in the context of training data scientists on questions of ethics, and for preparing documentation for the review of research ethics committees.